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Highway Code set for smart motorway update

Highways England has proposed changes to the Highway Code to improve safety on smart motorways, including advice on dynamic hard shoulders despite their upcoming ban.

  • Rail Project SPEED 'is a call to arms'

    Ministers have pledged to roll out ‘new and innovative’ ways of working across rail upgrade schemes, eight months after the prime minister announced a new taskforce to speed up ‘vital infrastructure projects’.

  • Rail bosses push reform agenda as fares rise 2.6%

    The transport user watchdog has repeated its call for more flexible rail ticketing as passengers were hit by an above inflation rise in regulated fares, but train operators have insisted that this is dependent on wider fare reforms.

  • Lorry safety permits part of London's 'holistic approach'

    London’s new Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for HGVs has come into force, aimed at tackling the issue of drivers' blind spots by employing safety permits.

  • TfL adds 'light segregation' to deadly cycle lane

    Transport for London (TfL) has started work on a ‘trial upgrade’ of a stretch of cycle route in south London but has still not addressed the issues raised by the death of a motorcyclist nearly five years ago.


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