Doubts raised over Active Travel Act map


One of the first completed consultations under the pioneering Active Travel (Wales) Act has revealed doubts and technical difficulties over the suitability of existing paths.

All Welsh unitary authorities have until 22 January to submit maps of existing active travel routes to the Welsh Government, after which they will begin mapping aspirational future networks.

In Caerphilly CBC’s consultation, 80% of respondents agreed with the draft maps of existing provision.

Officers say that one bridge shown as part of an active travel route should be removed from the final maps because it is not Disability Discrimination Act compliant.

Some respondents commented that barriers, to keep out unauthorised vehicles, made access to some of the mapped paths difficult for certain users, for example elderly people and users of bicycles towing trailers for infants.

There were also concerns about cyclists and pedestrians sharing paths, and routes being interrupted by frequent ‘Give way’ instructions.

One respondent suggested the maps should display distances or journey times to specific destinations, because some people lacked confidence in map reading and struggled to find the start of their local active travel route.

Officers say this will be considered and taken forward, if practicable, in the next stage of route development.

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