Westminster releases cycle safety videos


Westminster City Council is set to launch a series of videos offering practical advice on cycle safety, as part of a campaign to boost the take up of the free safety courses the authority offers.

The nine cycle safety videos show real life examples of cycling on the roads and provide tips on:

- Safe cycling in Westminster

- Mixing with pedestrians

- Right turns at junctions among vehicles

- Cycling in busy pedestrian areas

- Negotiating pinch points and being aware of spacing on the road

- Cycling around parked vehicles

- Turning right on busy roads

- Complex intersections and junctions

- Passing stopping vehicles.

Westminster's cycling courses are free and open to anyone who lives, works or studies in Westminster.

The news comes after the number of cyclists in Westminster increased by 20% from the previous year. And while the number of people attending free cycling courses for groups of novices in the City, has increased by 20%, the uptake of free one-to-one training has actually fallen by 15%, the council said.

Cllr Heather Acton, member for sustainability and parking, said: 'It is a real concern that the increase in number of cyclists on our roads does not correlate with the uptake of free cycle training. We'll continue to urge cyclists to register for our free cycle training, which is open to anyone who lives, works or studies in Westminster, so that they feel equipped to enjoy their bikes on our roads in this unique area.

'These videos offer a unique perspective from the cyclist, showing real situations that happen on our network of roads and junctions. They are intended to help increase cycling awareness for all road users.'

One video will be posted every other week. To view the videos and find out how to book a free City Cycle Course visit westminster.gov.uk/city-cycling-courses.

Cycle Confident provide National Standard Cycle Training on behalf of Westminster City Council, further information about Cycle Confident can be found at cycleconfident.com.

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