Ringway hero saves life during lunchbreak


An employee of leading highways maintenance company, Ringway, saved a life during his lunch break in St Albans.

Paul Wheeler works as a street lighting engineer in Hertfordshire and recently saved a gentlemen's life using CPR he had learned at work.

Lunchbreak hero Paul Wheeler

Mr Wheeler said: 'I just went to the bakers to grab some lunch and saw lots of people huddled around someone on the ground. I checked to see if the gentleman was breathing using a procedure I had learnt on my first aid course. He wasn't, and I'm glad I knew what to do. I started CPR whilst someone called for an ambulance and I continued CPR until the paramedics took over.

'This is the second time I've administered CPR to a member of public and although the incident left me slightly shaken, I would not hesitate to carry out this again thanks to the training I've been provided.'

Kevin Carrol, Ringway Hertfordshire divisional manager, said: 'We are all so proud of Paul and what he managed to do. This shows the importance of first aid courses and is why we decided to offer these to our employees as you never know when the training will become useful.'

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