Security guidance updated for councils in wake of terror attacks


Local authorities must ensure the security of public spaces near stations, the Department for Transport (DfT) has stressed in a new report.

The report updates guidance for councils on station security published more than 10 years ago in 2003.

Newcastle railway station

The DfT has outlined the various steps councils can take to ensure public safety outside railway, light rail, bus and coach stations.

This includes installing bollards to tackle ‘hostile vehicles’, making use of CCTV cameras to deter unwanted behaviour, and moving items like recycling and litter bins, bicycle racks and lockers to reduce clutter and increase visibility which could otherwise conceal crime and anti-social behaviour.

The report underlined that staff and public vigilance is key to increasing security.

Local authorities have also been asked to make sure that the staff of contracting companies like street cleaning staff, parking enforcement and refuse and recycling collectors are briefed on security and how they should report suspicious items and behaviour.

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