• Thank you, Ewulo


    You may have noticed that in true trade journalism style, we, ahem, don’t always publicise other award ceremonies. However, we had to mention this from the recent London Bus Awards 2017.

    Award for actions above and beyond the call of duty – Ewulo Gbobaniyi, Tower Transit (Lea Interchange)

    On the night of 24 October last year, Ewulo bravely put himself between a disabled passenger and five people who were attacking him. Ewulo was driving a route W15 in Higham Hill when he saw the group tease and spit on the passenger.

    Ewulo stepped in to protect the passenger while he sought police assistance. Because of Ewulo’s careful delay tactics and management of the situation, the police arrived in time to detain the offenders.

    Ewulo then invited the passenger back on board the empty bus, and safely drove him back to only a short walk away from his home. The passenger has since expressed his sincere gratitude for Ewulo’s help and continues to use the W15 bus.


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  • 'Step into the limelight', new ILP president tells sector


    The new president of the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) has sent a wake up call to the institution, saying it must do more to move into its own spotlight.

    The ILP has around 2,000 members and is one of the UK and Ireland’s largest and most influential professional lighting associations, despite this new president Alan Jaques suggested its role as the gatekeeper of standards within the industry was not well enough understood or communicated.

    ILP president Alan Jaques

    While the advance of ‘smart’ and connected LED lighting is transforming the industry, Mr Jaques suggested the ILP needed to be at the heart of the debate over these new technologies.

    Mr Jaques (IEng, FILP) is practice manager for lighting systems at Atkins and began his year-long term of office on June 14 at the ILP’s Professional Lighting Summit in Glasgow.

    He takes over as president from Kevin Grigg (Eng Tech, AMILP), regional sales manager for Urbis Schréder.

    Mr Jaques said: 'What we do makes a difference, it makes a difference in a way that impacts on everyone’s lives on a daily basis. We need to be better at getting this message out to a wider audience. We are well-known and well-respected within the industry but, externally, we must stop being the lighting industry’s best-kept secret.'

    The ILP has a key role within the industry in terms of promoting best practice, professional development and excellence within lighting design, consulting and engineering, he added.

    Colin Fish (IEng, MILP), who also works at Atkins as lighting technical specialist, has become senior vice president.


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  • Registration set to open on Mersey tolling


    From 8am on Monday 17 July, drivers can register for the merseyflow tolling system that will operate on the new Mersey Gateway and Silver Jubilee bridges.

    Merseyflow and Halton Council are expecting a last minute rush and are urging people to register online as quickly as possible before the new bridge opens in the autumn.


    Registering with merseyflow is the only way to get discounts or, if you qualify, free travel across the new bridge and the Silver Jubilee Bridge.

    Visit and sign up for the merseyflow account.

    How to register

    A range of sign-up methods will be available, however registering on the merseyflow website – – will be the fastest method.

    If you’re an eligible Halton resident and would like to register online, here’s what you need to do:

    Anyone eligible for the Halton residents’ discount scheme must register and pay their £10 annual fee in order to claim their free trips.

    1. Take photographs or scan copies of your driving licence, your council tax bill and your vehicle registration document (the red and green V5C form) to prove you are eligible.

    2. Visit, click on ‘Register Now’ and select ‘Halton residents’ account. Complete the registration process and upload the photographs/scans.

    3. Pay the annual £10 administration fee. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email and your special merseyflow sticker will be sent through the post.

    4. Display your merseyflow sticker in your vehicle, following the instructions provided.

    To be eligible for the Halton residents’ discount scheme, you must:

    • Hold a valid UK drivers licence showing your address in Halton

    • Live in Halton in a property with a council tax band of A-F

    • Have a vehicle (a car or a small van) registered in your name on the V5C vehicle registration document

    All three documents must have the same address in Halton.

    If you’re a Blue Badge holder, and would like to register online, here’s what you need to do:

    1. Scan or take a photograph of both sides of your blue badge to prove you are eligible.

    2. Visit, click on ‘Register Now’ and select ‘Blue Badge holder’ account. Complete the registration process and upload a copy of both sides of your blue badge.

    3. Pay the £5 one-off registration fee. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email and your special merseyflow sticker will be sent through the post.

    4. Display your merseyflow sticker in your vehicle, following the instructions provided.

    If you live outside Halton and would like to register for a pre-pay account, here’s what you need to do:

    1. Visit, click on ‘Register Now’ and select ‘Pre-pay’ account. Complete the registration process, entering all details as required.

    2. Pay the £5 one-off registration fee for each vehicle you register. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email and your special merseyflow sticker will be sent through the post. 3. Display your merseyflow sticker in your vehicle, following the instructions provided.

    The new bridge is scheduled to open in autumn 2017. When the new bridge opens the Silver Jubilee Bridge will be closed to road traffic for up to 12 months while it is refurbished.

    During this time the Silver Jubilee Bridge will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists.

    Walk in, call up and what happens if you forget

    Drivers can also register at the locally based walk-in centre in Runcorn and a call-centre will be open on the 17th so people can register by phone.

    You can also register for a pre-pay account, monthly pass or Blue Badge holder pass from next month, all of which give discounts on the full unregistered fee.

    It drivers do not register they can still cross the bridges but will have to pay the full unregistered toll, which is £2 per car per crossing, with additional charges for larger vehicles.



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  • Learn more about digitalisation in construction


    As the procurement partner for Digital Construction Week, myConsole is holding a series of webinars to help organisations understand what digitalisation means for construction.

    The July webinar will be hosted by Eric Sandor, chairman of myConsole and former Global Managing Partner at Accenture.

    According to a recent survey by accountants PwC, industrial companies expect to generate 2.9% a year in increased revenues by 'digitising products and services and developing new digital service offerings, all the way through to hosting platforms for industrial ecosystems'.

    'Our next webinar will analyse the top management consultants’ reports, from a construction perspective. We will explain why they are now focusing on the construction industry and how digitalisation will affect your business,' explains Eric Sandor.

    myConsole’s webinar, offers learnings in several key areas:

    • Using new tech to realise cost savings

    • Digitalisation and productivity

    • Building revenue

    • Change management

    'The construction industry has woken up to the fact that digital changes need to be made. Action and investment are the next steps on this digital journey,' says Philp Collard, CEO of myConsole.

    Tune in to the webinar here.



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  • Kipling returns to Westward Ho!


    Having secured £418,000 from the Coastal Communities Fund, Torridge District Council made a range of enhancements to its seafront area including a nod to its literary pedigree and one of the nation's favourite poems. 

    Following consultation with local residents, the idea emerged of honouring the memory of Rudyard Kipling who spent several of his childhood years in Westward Ho! So the first verse of his most well-known poem If, was spelt out along the promenade in granite setts.


    The poem came first in a BBC poll to find the nation's favourite verse. While Kipling used his great rheorical skills to lay down those lines, laying them out in the pavement was no easy matter either. As the man said, 'if you can keep you head...'

    Local contractor Devon & Cornwall Surfacing (DCS) realised the complexity of making shapes with traditional granite setts and so opted for Quicksetts, which have a thickness of 18mm and so can be adhered without the need for excavation.

    Resin bound aggregate was then used to infill to a depth of 18mm between the letters.

    Jobling Purser worked closely with DCS to produce the tender price for the council by formulating a layout plan to accommodate the dimensions required. 

    DCS then lay out each letter using a combination of the square and inner dovetail Quicksetts. Once content with the shape of the letter, they marked around the area and removed the Quicksetts noting their position and spacing.

    The Quicksetts Bedding and Jointing Compound, based upon polyurethane technology, was mixed and applied to the marked out area and the Quicksetts could then be simply placed into the resin to form the shape of each letter and be allowed to set.

    Once the poem was complete, resin bound surfacing supplied by Sureset was laid to an 18mm thickness infilling around the Quicksetts.

    The crew completed 71 words, made up of 271 letters in just 6 days.

    IF you can keep your head when all around you

    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,

    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

    But make allowance for their doubting too;

    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

    Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,

    Or being hated, don't give way to hating,

    And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:


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